Principles – Our Core Values and Beliefs

First and foremost, we strive every day to remember that, as Earthlings, our physical existence here on Earth is the greatest gift and blessing that we have. We strive to be humble and thankful for all of the opportunities that we are given to learn, grow and share with our fellow Earthlings. Like the SCOBY itself, we understand that we are all part of a symbiotic community.

We are grateful to be here, and in that spirit of gratitude our principles are to:

  1. Produce world-class kombucha and other superfoods that truly have an impact on the world by enhancing peoples’ lives. Our goal is to always surpass customer expectations.
  2. Promote kombucha culture as a healthy, inexpensive, and sustainable alternative to sugary beverages.
  3. Be a role model for positive social, cultural, economic and environmental change.
  4. Honor nature, and all Earthlings at every step along the way of our business.
  5. Cultivate the potential of all Earthlings through education, involvement, and the pursuit of excellence.
  6. Balance the needs of the company, our coworkers, their families and all of our friends.
  7. Trust each other and commit to authentic relationships and communications.
  8. Always continue to learn, innovate and grow.
  9. Through it all remember that this is a journey, and to have fun along the way!